Sunday, April 26, 2009

UmbrellaPod Redux

I've now built an UmbrellaPod, and I've modified my method slightly. My new method doesn't require destroying the umbrella, but it does require using a hacksaw to cut the PVC. I'm including a drawing below, with all parts labeled, but keep in mind that you do not need to follow my dimensions exactly. Also remember that the two 90 degree elbows are adjustable, and when using the UmbrellaPod, you will want them turned so the PVC Camera Mount is horizontal instead of vertical.

Parts Needed
All PVC Pieces are 3/4" Sch 40

A. One round end cap
B. Two slip tees
C. Two 90 degree slip elbows
D. One 4 foot pipe
E. One 14 inch pipe
F. One 2.5 inch pipe with a
1 inch by 1/4 inch slot cut
in the top and bottom
G. One umbrella
H. One PVC Camera Mount

(Not Pictured)
One 9 inch bungee cord
Two 1.75 inch sections of pipe (between the 90 degree elbows and the tee)

Here is the video version of the above.

Price: $10-15, if you don't already own an umbrella.
Build time: 20 minutes, mostly for cutting the notch in the PVC.
Availability of materials: Readily available.
Durability: As durable as the umbrella you use.
Functionality: A windy day may blow the umbrella around, making the image jerky, but it should work on a non-windy rainy day. Section D can be removed, turning it into a walk-around device.
Portability: About the same as a PVC monopod.


  1. This would be perfect for those drizzly days in Oregon! Great Idea!