Backpacking Videos

I've done a lot of hammock-making. There is something wonderful to me about swinging quietly beneath the branches, watching the sky move its clouds around. Here are my hammock videos:

Making a Hammock 1

Making a Hammock 2

Making a Hammock 3

Hammock Setup

Hammock Bug Net

Hammock Camping Setup

One Tree Hammock Setup

Sew What Hammock

My wife likes to call me her "knotty" boy. In fact, this year for Christmas, she bought me the knotty bible! Ashley's Book of Knots. I've got quite a few books on knot-tying, and I can tie over fifty knots for all different purposes, and I have a trunk where I keep all my different ropes. The Positive Knot is a knot I invented and had discussed and debated on the International Guild of Knot Tyers forum. I was regarded as innovative by some and as an uppity young whipper-snapper by others; it was a wonderful experience. Here are my "knotty" films.

Positive Knot

Positive Knot 2

Bottle Sling

Lastly, a couple of films on my beloved Steripen and a look at a little stove whose design I borrowed.

Steripen Adventurer Review

Steripen Prefilter

SuperCat Breakfast