Sunday, March 15, 2009


So this is my newest creation (at least, that I have a prototype for). I call it a SpearPod, 'cuz it looks like a spear. Clever, eh?

This is a device that works for the most part, with at least one problem. In a breeze, it tends to wobble a bit. I had that problem while filming the YouTube video, but remedied the situation by resting a brick at the base of it to hold it steady. Without a breeze, it's not a big deal.

The other thing is that when you slide the PVC over the stake, it doesn't sit completely parallel, but that can be remedied with the adjusters at the top (see my snowpod video to see how that works). I also wouldn't recommend using a heavy camera, but for compact ones, it works fine.

I envision that instead of the long piece of PVC, a stick could be whittled to fit into the PVC fittings, which would allow you to use this anywhere that has sticks lying about. I'm sure there are plenty of other uses people could come up with. Tell me if you think of anything!

Price: Under $5
Build time: 10 minutes, with the right hand tools.
Availability of materials: Should be available, if you can find the thin walled tubing.
Durability: Medium to High. It should be as durable as a cheap tripod.
Functionality: As long as you can find something to pound the stake into the ground, it's easy.
Portability: You have to carry around a long pole, but it can double as a walking stick.

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